Individual & Family Health Insurance

Individual health insurance programs are designed for individuals who cannot obtain health insurance through an employer and it is a key cornerstone in planning your family’s financial security.   When you are shopping for health insurance in North Carolina, it’s important to get multiple quotes from different insurance companies. You’ll find that the price difference for the same coverage can be significant between providers.  We offer health insurance programs to individuals which offer extensive coverage as well as high-deductible programs which are designed to protect against catastrophic financial losses

You will want to first evaluate your needs and consider your different health insurance plan options, including HMOs, PPOs, HSRAs and Point-Of-Service and Traditional Plans.  It is best for you to first evaluate your insurance needs and then choose the best health insurance options for you.

Carolina Insurance Shopper would rather you spend time doing things you enjoy instead of spending countless hours trying to figure out this information on your own, so we do the work for you!  We work with many insurance providers to find the right insurance coverage for you and your family that will fit your budget.  Call us at 704-746-6184 for assistance, quotations and applications.