Group Health Insurance

In today’s environment, offering the right health insurance benefits can be a challenge. You want to provide the best possible plan for your employees, yet it must to be cost efficient for your business.  

We provide an efficient process for you to compare competitive Group Health plan quotations from the leading carriers.   We provide turnkey support assisting you with price leading alternatives, quotations, evaluations and enrollment.

Also, learn how to save 30% or more with Level Funded Group Plans which are growing rapidly in popularity!  Level funded plans provide more flexibility in plan design.  In a level funded plan, you pay a monthly payment comprised of a claims allowance (from which employee medical costs are paid), a premium for stop loss coverage (to pay for extraordinary claims) and a TPA fee (for administration of the program).  If there is an extraordinary claim on an individual or aggregate basis, the stop-loss covers it and in no case does the employer have to pay for more than the level amount.  At the end of the year if the group performed well, a portion of the claim allowance may be returned to the employer!

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