Retirement Income Planning

Working collectively with a professional team of experts across multiple disciplines, we have a mission of educating clients to achieve their dreams through sound financial strategies with the goal of wealth accumulation, protection and preservation.

In addition to serving the health and life insurance needs of our clients, interest in retirement income planning has been increasing across the Carolina Insurance Shopper LLC client base The latest U.S. Census found that the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. older population (those at least 65 years old) is the 85 years and older group. Thus, we are living much longer and need to be prepared with incomes which meet our life span.

After taxes and inflation, there is very little growth realized in CD’s and considering the other side of the risk spectrum, 2 very significant stock market corrections in the last 9 years, makes a strong statement about the importance of taking a fresh look at retiree expenses and income, as well as withdrawal and planning strategies. Many individuals are too heavy weighted in equities which places your retirement dollars at immediate risk. In equities ( stocks, bonds, most mutual funds) you can make a bundle…..or loose it all!

The good news is that there are products available today, which guarantee attractive returns while at the same time guarantee protection of principal from loss.

These products offer features such as:

  • unparalleled safety with no one in the history of our country ever having lost a penny
  • tax deferred earnings which compound in 3 ways
  • social security protection with no need to report earnings on your 1040 Tax Form
  • many guaranteed, flexible withdrawal options WITHOUT penalties or charges
  • guaranteed retirement income with LIFETIME payout options
  • the ability to literally create your own bank through the Infinite Banking Concept”, retaining the interest you now pay to banks and recapturing the entire purchase price of cars, education, business equipment, etc., AND….still earning tax deferred interest on the amount you borrowed. See “Infinite Banking Concept” on the left of the screen.